Northern Education

Head of School Improvement

Local authorities are increasingly focusing upon the commissioning of support services for schools.

You will find here a quick guide to some of the key services we offer to schools, academies and colleges:

For schools and academies we have pulled together our offer under the Improvement section. Unique to our way of working is the concept of the Achievement Partner who works directly with schools and academies to lead and support improvement. In this section you will also find our Developmental Reviews which provide a solid understanding of where the school or academy is now to provide a platform for improvement.

In this section there is also more information about support, including training, for Governance, wider Improvement Planning, and managing Self-Evaluation & Data as well as Leading and Managing Change.

Our wider work for the education sector is explained in the other main sections:

In Change Management there is information about Academy Conversion, Reorganisation, Developing Federations & Partnerships and Strategic Intervention.

The Leadership & Management section explains how Northern Education can provide Leadership Programmes, support for Inspection & Evaluation and help with Organisation issues and Governance.

In the Effective Classrooms section we show how we can help schools develop their teaching and learning.

And the Support Services section details all the additional operational support we can offer existing or new organisations through a range of approved and checked partners. This includes HR, Marketing, Business Services and Buildings & Infrastructure.