Northern Education

Head Teacher or Principal

Head Teachers and Principals will find here a quick guide to some of the key services we offer to schools, academies and colleges:

Northern Education works with clients in education to provide effective consultancy, advice and practical help on all aspects of management and operation and also through approved partners a full range of support services.

For Schools & Academies we have a range of specially designed services led and coordinated by Northern Education Achievement Partners. This includes our innovative Developmental Reviews. You will find more information in the Improvement section including Improvement Planning, Governance, Self-Evaluation & Data and Leading & Managing Change.

If you are implementing change and transformation see the Change Management section.  We can help with the start up or conversion every type of school including Academies and Free Schools. We can also support re-organisation and federation and partnership development.

We have a full range of Leadership and Management services to help you develop your people and processes. We provide Leadership Programmes and help with Inspection & Evaluation, Organisation and Governance.

If you are looking at improving teaching and learning you will find help in the Effective Classrooms section.

To meet the need from clients for experienced and quality approved HR, Business, Marketing and Building & Infrastructure services we have partnered with a coordinated group of external suppliers. Full details are in our Support Services section.