Northern Education

Privacy Policy

The new data protection rules mean we, like other businesses in the UK, will be making sure that we are even clearer about how we handle your data.  Your personal data is unique to you, and we have always been careful to protect your information, but it makes sense to have control over it too.

The new law is coming into force on 25th May 2018, which will give you more clarity over how your personal information is managed.  It is called the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] and it will replace the existing Data Protection Act.

Information you need to know:

How we gather information. We prefer to collect the information we need directly from you. That way you know what we have, and we can be sure that you have provided us with the most accurate and up-to-date information. In addition to the information you directly send to us, in the form of an application form or agreement for support work, we collect personal information, for example through references from the referees and raters within your self -assessment you have provided. We only collect information about you that we need to make sure you get the best possible service and support from us. We respect your privacy and we try to minimize what we collect.

How we use personal information. We use your information for the purpose you provided it. For example: to provide you with a service, to undertake a professional accreditation assessment on you, to canvass your views on our work to improve our services, to keep our records accurate and up to date or to deal with any problems or complaints. We need some personal information about you to be able to undertake a match for clients seeking support work. In this instance we match your skill set and experience with enquiries from commissioners, so that you can provide a service for them.  When we have agreed between you and the commissioner the assigned work programme, we do not provide personal information other than your professional expertise and contact details,.

Sharing and Transferring Personal Information. We are careful to minimize such sharing. Where personal information is input into a web application form, suitable protection is in place with our third party provider and web host. These are carefully selected specialists to help us to provide you with our service. Whenever you input information on our website, we do everything we can to make sure it is protected from misuse or loss.

Keeping personal information. We keep your personal information securely for as long as we need to for the purposes described above. We try not to keep your information for longer than we need it and we make sure that the records we have about you are managed properly and deleted promptly and securely, when we no longer need them.

Your Consent. Sometimes we need your consent to use your personal information [for example for marketing purposes in using a quote you have given to us.] We will not always need consent to use your personal information to perform a service with you. Where you have given us consent, you have the right to withdraw it at any time.

In everything we do with your information we try to be fair, lawful and open and we take seriously our obligations towards your privacy and the protection of information we hold about you.