Northern Education

Developing Federations and Partnerships

Our Senior Associates have significant experience of partnership working. We are skilled in working with teams to establish new organisational arrangements such as federations.

We can provide a wide range of services to support the formation of new partnership arrangements including:

  • A Feasibility study
  • Action Planning and Risk Analysis
  • Consultation on TUPE and stakeholder engagement
  • HR and TUPE: Employer liabilities, due diligence, payroll and staff terms and conditions
  • Governor training and development to understand and carry out any new roles
  • Funding Agreement Annexes
  • Legal documents and policies
  • Any Commercial Transfer Agreement: contracts, assets, loans and balances
  • Financial Management: Governance, financial systems, company reporting and audit
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Cost Management services
  • A complete Project Management Service to support the Headteacher and Governors in the transition