Northern Education

Free Schools and Trusts

Creating your own Free School

Northern Education has worked with schools for over ten years. We offer a service to groups and individuals wishing to explore and establish Free Schools in the community.

We work with people to create the vision and purpose in a collaborative way. Our approach will ensure that you are able to:

-        Develop, design and agree your vision and mission for the school

-        Create and manage a detailed Project Plan, which will enable you to organise your resources to best effect

-        Evaluate the environmental planning activities required in order to validate the financial forecasts and the school’s viability

-        Create a communications strategy to support the proposal in the community, so that support in public meetings and the local media can be developed

-        Create a Free School proposal, which will meet the DfE’s requirements

To discuss your  particular requirements contact us at:

Christine Hopkins

Tel: 0191 594 5239