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Education Advisers

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Schools and colleges, MATs and LAs throughout the UK can benefit in their development and improvement from the proven and expert independent consultancy, advice and practical help that Northern Education provides.

All our services are focused on providing effective solutions for the real challenges that leaders, governors and practitioners face.

Key to this comprehensive offer are our Northern Education Advisers. Although all our services are available individually we believe that clients are best served by having a dedicated and experienced partner who can provide independent analysis and make accurate judgements about achievement, teaching and leadership objectively.

In this section you can find out more about Education Advisers and the services they provide and can organise. Education Advisers are all experienced senior education professionals who have extensive expertise and experience in techniques of self-evaluation and the management of improvement strategies.

We have grouped our work into key directorates, Education Advisers, Strategic Support, Project Management and Investigations;Training and Development including Change Mangement, Quality Management Systems. Organisational Development; Peformance Reviews, Due Diligence and Quality Assurance; Governance, Finance, HR, Interim Leadership so that potential client schools and academies can easily see the benefits they can achieve from working with Northern Education.

Our Experience

Our Associates have provided high quality support in all of the above to individual schools, local authorities and multi-academy trusts. In addition we have manage development and review projects at a local, reiognal and national level supporting the establishment of schools, trusts and new organisations.

Your named contact for this area is

Christine Hopkins

Tel: 0191 594 5239