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To complement our comprehensive educational consultancy services we have developed a coordinated group of outstanding external private service providers to deliver a range of professional services to meet the needs of clients.

This offers clients a straightforward one stop shop to access effective business services, powerful marketing and communications and innovative architectural and infrastructure services. 

The providers in the group share our values and our commitment to quality and have been selected for their experience in and sensitivity to educational environments.

Each of our service providers brings a wealth of experience to any project. We can therefore construct multidisciplinary teams for larger projects and  transformational programmes such as Academy conversion or more tailored teams to specific needs. 

We have applied our educational expertise to ensure that all our support services are relevant to the needs of schools, academies and colleges. Each specialist provider has been through a due diligence process and is subject to quality assurance by Northern Education. Working to our code of conduct our support service providers exercise sensitivity in delivering the outcomes required and within the timescales and budgets agreed.

The Support Services offer is grouped under HR and Recruitment, Marketing and Communications, Business Services and Buildings and Infrastructure.

Group Experience

All the members of the Group have extensive and relevant experience both for clients in education and in the wider public sector and for business.

For example recruitment has been managed and implemented for Directors of Children’s Services, College Principals, Academy Chief Executives, Head Teachers, Business Managers, Middle Leaders and Managers and Local Authority Officers.

And in Marketing and Communications group members have carried out marketing, PR, branding projects for a range of clients in education. This work has included prospectuses, displays, brochures, leaflets and websites.

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