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Business Services

Northern Education Business Services comprises of some of the most outstanding private service providers with which Northern Education has worked.

Each of our service providers brings a wealth of experience to any project. We can, therefore, construct multidisciplinary teams if you wish to address major transformational programmes and more tailored teams to specific needs.

For example, it may be important to consider legal or financial solutions when considering structural change within an organisation to understand the interrelationship between the systems, people, and leadership aspects of the organisation.

Ensuring School Sensitive Services

We have applied our educational expertise to ensure that the services are:

  • relevant to the needs of the school
  • allied to the educational priorities of the organisation
  • aware of the relationship with other services
  • supported and challenged
  • quality assured by Northern Education, including due diligence
  • working to an agreed code of conduct
  • providing a highly competitive quotation and keep within budget;
  • exercising sensitivity in delivering the outcomes you wish for;
  • delivering on time;
  • operating a quality controlled, professional service.

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