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Financial Services

Northern Education provides a complete independent support service tailored to meet the requirements of schools, academies and colleges.

We offer support and services for:

  • Setting your budget and updating it as priorities change
  • Budget monitoring and reporting to headteachers and governors
  • Payroll management and monitoring
  • Purchasing and service procurement
  • Audit and FMSiS
  • Absence cover for key staff.

Clients can choose the level of support required and can be provided for a week, a month or a year.

We specialise in supporting Governors and Headteachers in strategic financial planning and management, budget setting, purchasing and budget monitoring. We deal with routine financial tasks and other matters such as asset management. We also provide short term cover for the absence of key finance staff in school.

All our business managers are highly skilled. They have many years’ experience in the field of school finance and administration. Their experience is backed by professional and degree level qualifications in accountancy, finance and management.

What are the advantages of using Northern Education’s financial expertise?

  • We tailor our service to meet your needs
  • We work quickly and efficiently
  • We change our hours to suit your circumstances.
  • All the risks and costs associated with employing staff directly are met by us.
  • We cover issues such as absence, insurance and holiday pay
  • We maintain absolute confidentiality

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